How To Survive In The Fashion World

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

With all of the fashion advice available from the ubiquitous “wearing black is slimming” to the offensive “skinny jeans aren’t for curvy girls”. I thought I’d add my two cents to the mix. However it’s really hard to pick just one fashion tip. I mean in a world where options are a necessity, opinions come a dozen, and information is plentiful it just seems impossible to narrow anything down to just one. What is the number one about anyways? It’s lonely without the company of two, it’s singular and is all about itself! If you ask me one sounds SELF-ish….

And that’s when it hit me! Like the Holy Ghost Spirit at church the Sunday right after a night of clubbing. The revelation of one. One is about me. One is about you. It’s about yourself. The revelation released a rejoicing as if I were dancing in the church aisle. Before any of the clothes come on, any face gets beat, and any hair did, one AKA you are all you start and end with. Hallelujah!

With that being said my fellow curvy ladies if I had to provide you with just one fashion tip of the day it would be to go into each and every day loving yourself and being confident about who YOU are NOW. None of that when I lose X amount of weight, or get X amount of money, or find the perfect partner. You have to start loving yourself as you are, in all of your glory, right now, today. When you love yourself you exude confidence and no matter what you’re wearing better believe you will look damn good in it!

If you’re wondering what you can do to start loving yourself more, here’s a tip that should have you feeling more confident and self-loved in no time. This information was provided by The Well Being Alignment.

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