Fall Into Change

As the weather changes so do our clothing and makeup choices. Luckily with fashion it’s very easy to make a change.  If you’re in a sexy mood throw on your little black dress. Feeling rocker chic then pair your outfit with some studded accessories. Regardless of what is inspiring you on a given day, your wardrobe is a result of the season you’re in.

Personally fall is my favorite of the four seasons. I gladly embrace the opportunity to wear, cardigans, blazers, and high waisted pencil skirts, just to name a few.

Look 1Blazer – Torrid (Similar) 

Skirt – Jibri Online (Sold Out)

Shoes – J. Renee

Belt – Asos Curve

Purse and Necklace – Forever 21

For this look I wanted to be corporate chic and went with a royal blue high waisted pencil skirt paired with a bold yet warm burgundy lip color, and gold accessories.

Look 2

Royal blue a color that was hot last season is still going strong for Fall 2013

Cardigans, pencil skirts, and blazers are just a few of the things that are all staples in my wardrobe during this time of year.

Inspired by the changes occurring throughout nature I switched up my makeup as well.


Look 3Lipstick – Retro Matte Fixed on Drama by Mac

Fashion wise falling into the changes that autumn brings is quite simple. However why is it that when it comes to embracing changes in our lives  it’s not as simple?

One of the reasons accepting or seeking a change is difficult is because it requires letting go. Whether it’s letting go of a person such as lover, or a place for example your hometown, or even a feeling such as anger. Sometimes we are just more comfortable dealing with the familiar (even when it’s negative) rather than taking a risk and exploring something new. So if you do not mind, I would like to ask you a simple question. If in this life change is the only constant and you agree that life is short, then isn’t NOW the best time to make a change? If you do agree then this season I’m asking you to fall into change, and make a positive transformation in your life.

The world is changing around you and there’s no better time to start anew. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby  “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

Sometimes it’s tough to embrace change especially when we are pushed into it. But remember change is a growth period and one that is a necessary part of life. What changes would you like to make this fall? Have you recently gone through an unexpected or expected change? Share your story in the comments section!

Till next time loves,


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    1. Fall is my fav season too! I’m trying to make changes by pushing myself to do more daring things and actively pursuing my dreams/goals that I have put on the buck burner :-)

    2. Aww thanks:-) and I forgot to say I love the look it’s so “Boss Chick”

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