Attitude is Everything!

Change your thoughts

It’s funny how some people have assumed that whenever I have an issue with someone, thing, or place, it always boils down to me being insecure. It’s usually people who don’t know me very well or only on the surface level that assume this. I’ve always wondered why that’s the first thing they would say, but I don’t spend too much time wondering about it. After all, I would be doing the same thing they are doing, assuming. And I’d rather not have an in depth conversation with someone who thinks I’m insecure, trying to figure out why they think I’m insecure, because that’s a little well…insecure. All I can do is move on with my life from such claims and continue to do what I do best, smile.

With that being said since launching my blog I’ve gotten many questions from my readers asking me how I am secure and confident. I wish there was some magical pill that one could take to gain such things. Even though I am not licensed to, I would prescribe said drug to all my readers who need a little boost. But since I stopped my traditional psychology education at the bachelors’ level and I am nowhere near allowed to prescribe prescription pills, I’ll just have to give you guys a dosage of my personal mantra. And that is that everything you do in this life is a choice, and you can choose to be happy or you can choose the opposite.  Your thoughts and attitude are everything! In my first post I discussed the importance of confidence, which you can read more about here. If confidence is your best fashion accessory then feeling secure is your exclusive high end label.

During my formative years I did not possess the confidence I have now. I was quite insecure. Years of hearing unwarranted thoughts and opinions about others regarding my weight mixed with media images of woman who looked nothing like me added to this. As a result I retreated into my shell and lived life on the side lines.

I thought things were not happening for me because of the size of my jeans. Unbeknownst to me, it was because of my insecure mentality. Thinking back on those times I was closed off from the world, I pushed people away or simple did not see good things that were literally right in front of my face. All because I thought I was undeserving. Which is a sign of insecurity. Size wise I am no different than I was in high school, but mentally I have changed. My attitude is different.

Gone are the days of energy wasted on wishing things could happen for me. Now are the days of turning those wishes into action and making things happen. No longer do I pine over a stretch mark, or sulk over a roll. And if there are things about my weight that I don’t like, I’ll do my best to change that through diet and exercise. My life is in my hands, and the same applies to you. If you are struggling to build your confidence and find security within yourself you will first need to work on mental outlook. From there you can begin to lay the foundation for self-love. As Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.


Till next time loves,


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    1. True folks act like confidence is a genetic trait lol like you said its something you choose.

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