Selfie is Self Love


2013 was a transformative year for me. I launched my website and I’m starting to work towards my life long dream of a clothing line. As this year comes to an end I find myself relflecting on the things that have past and looking forward to the things to come. One word that was every where  this year was Selfie. Some people love taking selfies, some people loathe it. Me, I love taking them! Howerver I wasn’t always as camera happy as I am today.

There was a time in my life when I was very insecure. It was due to the aftermath of a relationship that ended because he thought I was too fat for him. Mind you we had been dating for over a year, we knew each other’s families,  and in what I thought was love. He said he could not take me seriously because of my weight. And so he gave me  an ultimatum. Either I lose weight or lose him. Even though I loved this man, even though I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him,  and even though I didn’t want to lose him, deep down in my heart I knew what he was asking wasn’t right. I knew that wasn’t real love. And so I decided to let him go.


For sometime after the relationship ended I was depressed and felt very insecure. At the time I removed my Facebook profile picture because I  thought I was ugly. I didn’t socialize much, and when I did go out I was a wall flower. It took an email from my brother in which he told me I was beautiful and a good person to snap out of it. I added a new profile picture and began to take better care of myself emotionally and physically. It’s been many years now since those dark days and I’ve grown much since then. I love myself completely and although there are times I have my moments I won’t stop loving me. I won’t go back to the days of not having a profile picture, or thinking I’m too fat for love.  I’ll take a selfie everyday if I want. It took a lot of pain, hurt, self reflection and self acceptance to be where I am today and I will never apologize for that.

Till Next Time Loves,


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    1. Axum Abebe says:

      He sounds like a fool definitely his loss keep shinning lady!

    2. Thank you for sharing :-)

    3. He is truly stupid and shallow. I’m proud of you bestie keep up the selfies!!

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