I’m Love Sackie and to every big sister Beyonce there is a little sister Solange who is talented and gifted in their own rights.  I currently attend one of New Jeresy’s largest state universities for Spanish International Business & Fashion Merchandising. Si, yo hablo español. My desire is to have a career outside of the US working with the best of the best in Latin American fashion. Under my creative belt I have done freelance modeling walking in NYFW for numerous plus size designers, brand/image styling and also executively produced a fashion show with 6 designers and over 40 models.

I grew up having been lucky to have positive female role models. My intent is to inspire those who may not have someone outside of celebrities to admire and strive to be like. I’m a real 22 year old young woman who balances being spontaneous and free with discipline to become a successful in all my endeavors. Being the first generation American kids to Liberian parents has some culture shocks. A lot of our energy went into pursuing higher education however, my sister and I always pushed to have our creative outlets.

I enjoy traveling and have been all over the U.S. and various Islands in Central and South America. I’ll be blogging about my travel experiences with being black and abroad. As well as Fashion updates, style and makeup tips. We all need some inspiration especially as women and this blog will help to understand that we do not have to be tamed! Its the Untamed Beauty and fearlessness inside you that makes every individual unique.


I’m a corporate girl by day and CEO of Untamed Colors, makeup line. On this blog I’ll have posts about fashion, life, inspiration, my adventures as I try to launch my clothing line, and anything else that may come to mind. If you can’t tell already I’m somewhat of a free spirit, which brings me to the inspiration behind Untamed Curves.

I have been a “plus size” for as long as I can remember. And for just as long, I struggled to find clothes that accurately portrayed my personal style and were well made. I’ve had many hits throughout the years but I’ve also had misses…a lot. It wasn’t until I entered the working world that I realized just how hard it was to dress professionally and fashionably at the same time. It was like my personal style was being dictated by the fashion powers that be and I had finally had enough. Out of my frustration and longtime love of fashion grew the idea that I should create my own clothing line! A line that wouldn’t be dictated by what society say’s a plus size woman should wear, a line for the daring woman who wants high fashion and high quality clothes for work and play. And last but certainly not least, a line for the woman that society has tried to tame with rules, ideologies, and discrimination.

Well I’ve had enough of that, and so was born Untamed Curves…you can try, but it won’t happen!