One Month Abroad In Pura Vida!



So, where have I been for the last Month? I’ve been in Pura Vida! To be exact Costa Rica is my new home for the next three months. I’m studying at ULatina and taking all advanced level courses in Spanish. I love it! Just being able to be in another country is exhilarating in itself. No siempre estaba enamorando con este pais , but it just takes some getting used to.

Lemme give you the rundown. Coming to this country to study broad is to better my love of the Spanish language. It took months of preparations and a dozen signatures from my home university but now I am bout that life. I flew into San Jose International airport, and I just remember feeling so winded. I was still sad from the night before. I was in Miami with a close friend who is now an active duty US marine. We had a crazy night, not to mention we were up for 24hours, and then some random drunk guy literally got into our back seat like we was his uber and passed out. Only in Miami I swear, but I still love South Beach. We ended our night reminiscing about our good times because both our lives are taking a big switch but for the better. I cried like a big baby because he was going off too boot camp for three months and me to Costa Rica! Imagine the drama, this is the longest I’ve ever been away from home! I’m talkin no Thanksgiving people and no getting annoyed by Christmas carols! 

Anyway so when I landed I had to carry my two checked baggages, my carry on, a backpack, fanny pack and my purse. I looked like a bag lady and I was not here for any of it. My face read that. I gave off kill bill volume 2. vibez. Don’t fxck wit me, not to mention there was a swarm of people, almost like paparazzi, waiting at arrivals screaming names and holding signs.

From those first couple of days and that moment I realize I was letting the fear of the unknown get to me I wasn’t leaving the house. You know how humans just hate getting out of their regular scheduled program. My house families in Costa Rica is a mother, her 2 daughters and her grand daughter, whom are all wonderful. I was never really told about all the details of the program and honestly I never asked. But you know how it work they hit you up when a form or payment is due. But the next day I soon learned that I would be walking to school everyday, I flashed back to elementary school cuz I didn’t even walk to school during high school. Now I don’t mind walking but the anxiety came with what if I stay late in the library what if I join a club they can’t expect me to walk everyday, by myself at night, in a spanish speaking town, knowing no one. *sigh* Suck it up Love

Instead of sitting around the second week I told myself I was going to go out and explore. My usual routine has been school home, and repeat. By now, since the legal drinking age is 18 in Costa Rica the students I came with have been to the bar almost every day. That doesn’t tickle my fancy.

But what did is the fact that their independence is coming up and I wanna go to the parade! You guys just don’t know how much courage it took lol.

20160915_105159l’ve felt unlike myself, I haven’t worn makeup nor any of my cute clothes. My program director told us that it’s better to blend in because the sexual harassment is big here and men will judge you for the clothes you wear. However, even with blue jeans and graphic tees I get the horn sounds. But I love fashion and not being able to express myself in my style of dress has gotten to me. So on their independence day on Sept 14th, I beat my face wore all white, because thats their custom and went on my way.


Students from the same Study Abroad Program






Taking the bus and getting to the park was a feat in itself. It made me open my eyes to all the new possibilities instead of complaining about the things I’m missing like, African Food, my friends, family, and a 30 minute hot shower (all showers run on instant electric heating and at most get warm.) I realized I was thinking myself into being a bummer. From that weekend things got better. I began to actually go out and try to make friends with the people in my program. I set goals for myself, lemme share some with you guys:


  1. To be able to speak in spanish with confidence.
  2. Two make a new Tico friend/s
  3. Finish my novel and book of poems
  4. Find somebody who shares the same passion as me(fashion) and build a network with them
  5. Design a line inspired by my surroundings.


These are just some well see what happens. I am however super excited of what’s next to come. Im looking to find the culture of Costa Rica, the underground ,what tourist won’t experience. Also, find out what I did while I was in Panama in the next blog post, I’m just gonna say, bikini pics, sun, sand and a little bit of drama are all included. You know it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t spread a little Love. I’m here for you mis amores! Vent below, what is your travel anxieties, how do you overcome homesickness? I’m always traveling therefore always homesick, let me know! Chaoi Mis amores